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Offshore Chemical Notification Scheme

The Offshore Chemical Notification Scheme (OCNS) manages chemical use and discharge by the UK and Netherlands offshore petroleum industries. The scheme is regulated in the UK by the Department of Energy and Climate Change using scientific and environmental advice from Cefas and Marine Scotland. In the Netherlands the scheme is regulated by the State Supervision of Mines with scientific and environmental advice from Cefas and Netherlands government agencies.

Protocols for the Netherlands OCNS are available by following the links below.

The OCNS uses the OSPAR Harmonised Mandatory Control Scheme (HMCS) developed through the OSPAR Decision 2000/2 on a Harmonised Mandatory Control System for the Use and Discharge of Offshore Chemicals (as amended by OSPAR Decision 2005/1) and its supporting Recommendations. This ranks chemical products according to Hazard Quotient (HQ), calculated using the Chemical Hazard and Risk Management (CHARM) model.

Within this OCNS section, further information may be found on the background and relevant details including the updated Ranked Product Listing and documents required for chemical certification. 

Find out more by contacting the OCNS team.

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