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The seas both influence and are influenced by a variety of human activities. There are many competing demands, so the effective and sustainable management of our seas becomes highly complex.

Having a better understanding of natural phenomena and understanding the inter-connectedness of ecosystems will enable better decision-making.

Leading marine and aquatic science

For over a century we have been playing a central role in the UK's management of the marine and freshwater environment - by providing applied science and evidence, and by helping to shape and deliver policy. Ours is a unique leadership capability because we offer, arguably, the widest breadth in this field. Our links and influence stretch from the EU to industry; and our applied science goes beyond theories to real, practical outcomes.

We collaborate with cross-government, multi-agency bodies that pool scientific resources and knowledge. Such collaborations inform major decisions, for example decisions about energy provision, emergency response or aquaculture.

In addition, we have pursued commercial opportunities for novel products or services. Our wholly owned subsidiary, Cefas Technology Limited, delivers applied technology and services to specific market sectors.

Service themes

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