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We produce a variety of publications, many of which can be found on this website in PDF format for download and viewing.

In addition, our scientists contribute over 150 articles to peer-reviewed scientific journals each year. References and abstracts of these can also be found on this site.


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Levels and trends of PBDEs and HBCDs in the global environment: status at the end of 2012
R.J. Law*, A. Covaci, S. Harrad, D. Herzke, M.A.-E. Abdallah, K. Fernie, L.-M. Toms, H. Takigami (2014) Environment International, 65; 147-158
Updated Cefas Recommendations for Spawning Finfish – English & Welsh Blocks (PDF, 874 KB)
M. La Vedrine (2014)
Evolutionary impact assessment: accounting for evolutionary consequences of fishing in an ecosystem approach to fisheries management
A.T. Laugen, G.H. Engelhard*, R. Whitlock, R. Arlinghaus, D.J. Dankel, E.S. Dunlop, A.M. Eikeset, K. Enberg, C. Jørgensen, S. Matsumura, S. Nusslé, D. Urbach, ..., M. Heino, A.D. Rijnsdorp and U. Dieckmann (2014) Fish and Fisheries 15: 65-96
Scavenging on trawled seabeds can modify trophic size structure of bottom-dwelling fish
S. Shephard, C. Minto, M. Zolck, S. Jennings*, D. Brophy and D. Reid (2014) ICES Journal of Marine Science 71; 398-405
Impacts of climate change on marine ecosystem production in fisheries-dependent societies
M. Barange, G. Merino, J.L. Blanchard, J. Scholtens, J. Harle, E.H. Allison, J.I. Allen, J. Holt and S. Jennings* (2014) Nature Climate Change, 4: 211-216
A temporal and spatial assessment of TBT concentrations at dredged material disposal sites around the coast of England and Wales
T. Bolam*, J. Barry*, R.J. Law*, D. James*, B. Thomas*, S.G. Bolam* (2014) Marine Pollution Bulletin, 79; 326-332
Efficacy of tagging European catfish Silurus glanis (L., 1758) released into ponds
E.M.A. Rees, J.R. Britton, M.J. Godard*, J.I. Miller, K.J. Wesley and G.H. Copp* (2014) Journal of Applied Ichthyology 30; 127-129
Economic Assessment of the Recreational Value of Ecosystems: Methodological Development and National and Local Application
A. Sen, A.R. Harwood, I.J. Bateman, P. Munday, A. Crowe, L. Brander, J. Raychaudhuri, A.A. Lovett, J. Foden* and A. Provins (2014) Environmental and Resource Economics (2014) 57(2)
Economic Analysis for the UK National Ecosystem Assessment: Synthesis and Scenario Valuation of Changes in Ecosystem Services
I.J. Bateman, A. Harwood, D.J. Abson, B. Andrews, A. Crowe, S. Dugdale, C. Fezzi, J. Foden*, R. Haines-Young, M. Hulme, P. Munday, U. Pascual, J. Paterson, G. Perino, A. Sen, G. Siriwardena and M. Termansen (2014) Environmental and Resource Economics (2014) 57:273-297
Detection of Herpesvirus anguillae during two mortality investigations of wild European eels in England : Implications for fishery management.
J.Armitage, N.R.Hewlett, M.Twigg, C.F.Williams, M.Aprahamian, K.Way*, P.F.Dixon*, S.W.Feist* & E.Peeler* (2014) Fisheries Management and Ecology 21; 1-12
Variability of paralytic shellfish toxin occurrence and profiles in bivalve molluscs from Great Britain from official control monitoring as determined by pre-column oxidation liquid chromatography and implications for applying immunochemical tests
Turner A.D.*, Stubbs, B*., Coates L*., Dhanji-Rapkova M*., Hatfield R.G*., Lewis A.M*., Rowland-Pilgrim S*., O'Neil, A*., Stubbs, P*., Ross S*., Baker C*., and Algoet M* (2014) Harmful Algae, 31; 87-99
Basin-scale phenology and effects of climate variability on global timing of initial seaward migration of Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar)
Jaime Otero, Jan Henning L’Abée-Lund, Ted Castro-Santos, Kjell Leonardsson, Geir O.Storvik, Bror Jonsson, J. Brian Dempson, Ian C. Russell *, Arne J. Jensen, Jean-Luc Baglinière, Mélanie Dionne, John D. Armstrong, Atso Romakkaniemi, et al (2014) Global Change Biology (2014) 20, 61–75
Ecosystem-based management objectives for the North Sea: riding the forage fish rollercoaster
M. Dickey-Collas, G.H. Engelhard*, A. Rindorf, K. Raab, S. Smout, G. Aarts, M. van Deurs, T. Brunel, A. Hoff, R.A.M. Lauerburg, S. Garthe, K. Haste Andersen, F. Scott*, T. van Kooten, D. Beare and M.A. Peck (2014) ICES Journal of Marine Science 71: 128-142
Forage fish, their fisheries, and their predators: who drives whom?
G.H. Engelhard*, M.A. Peck, A. Rindorf, S. Smout, M. van Deurs, K. Raab, K.H. Andersen, S. Garthe, R.A.M. Lauerburg, F. Scott*, T. Brunel, G. Aarts, T. van Kooten and M. Dickey-Collas (2014) ICES Journal of Marine Science, 71: 90-104
Sensitivity of macrobenthic secondary production to trawling in the Greater North Sea: a biological traits approach
S.G. Bolam*, R. Coggan*, J. Eggleton*, M. Diesing*, D. Stephens* (2014) Journal of Sea Research Vol 85: 162-177
How to determine the likely indirect food-web consequences of a newly introduced non-native species: a worked example.
J.K. Pinnegar*, M.T. Tomczak, J.S. Link (2014) Ecological Modelling 272; 379-387
Multilocus variable-number tandem-repeat genotyping of Renibacterium salmoninarum, a bacterium causing bacterial kidney disease in salmonid fish
I. Matejusova, N. Bain, D. J. Colquhoun, E.J. Feil, U. McCarthy, D. McLennan, M. Snow, D. Verner-Jeffreys*, I S.Wallace, S. J. Weir and M. Hall (2013) BMC Microbiology 2013, 13:285
Submarine eskers preserved on Adler Grund, south-western Baltic Sea
P. Feldens, M. Diesing*, D. Wilken, K. Schwarzer (2013) Baltica 26 (2), 137-144
A framework for understanding marine ecosystem health
P Tett, R Gowen, S Painting*, M Elliott, R Foster*, D Mills*, E Bresnan, E Capuzzo*,T Fernandes, J Foden*, R Geider, L Gilpin, M Huxham, A McQuatters-Gollop, S Malcolm*, S Saux Picart, T Platt , M-F Racault, S Sathyendranath, J. van er Molen*,M Wilkinson (2013) Mar Ecol Prog Ser 494: 1-27
In vivo endocrine effects of naphthenic acids in fish
A.C. Knag, M. Sebire*, S. Meier, I. Mayer, P. Renner and I. Katsiadaki* (2013) Chemosphere, 93; 2356-2364
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