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Fisheries Science Partnership

The Fisheries Science Partnership (FSP) is a government-funded initiative which began in 2003. Its aim is to encourage fishermen and scientists to work in partnership.

Due to the national and international success of the programme, money has been pledged until at least 31 March 2015 to continue developing this close relationship.

The main aims of the FSP are to:

  • provide information from commercial fishing catches on key stocks to supplement data sources traditionally used in assessments for the International Council of the Exploration of the Sea (ICES)
  • address fishermen's own concerns about scientific assessments, or stocks not currently assessed
  • investigate innovative scientific methods and/or more selective/environmentally friendly fishing methods
  • support the work of Regional Advisory Councils.

Eligible projects must meet one of these objectives, plus be practical and able to deliver a real solution.

Project Tenders for 2014/15

Time Series Projects for 2014/15

Defra have agreed for the following time series project to continue in FY 2014/15 with an extension for a further 2 years subject to programme approval.

  • FSP 40 Western Channel Beam Trawl Survey

Single Year Project Tenders for 2014/15

Following evaluation of the project ideas submitted in January 2014 and the selection of priority ideas for the 2014/15 programme, on behalf of Defra, tenders were invited for the following projects:

  • FSP41 Area VII Haddock Discard Elimination Using Technical Measures
  • FSP42 Aligning Spurdog Management with the Landing Obligation under the Reformed Common Fisheries Policy
  • FSP43 North East Coast Study On The Survival Of Discards
  • FSP44 Maximising Economic Return For The Haddock Fishery By Selective Mesh Size In The Under 10m Gillnet Fleet

These tenders have now been awarded - please see current programme for further information.


Details about tender invitations, contracts and terms and conditions, as well as general information about turning project ideas into viable projects, can be obtained from:

FSP Contract Office
Pakefield Road
Lowestoft, Suffolk NR33 0HT UK

Tel: +44 (0)1502 527706
Email: michael.fox@cefas.co.uk or fsp@cefas.co.uk

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